EMF Compliance Ltd offer detailed electromagnetic (EMF) survey analysis throughout the UK and Europe. Our clients receive full EMF Directive 2013/35/EU conformity documentation and our engineers are the most experienced EMF technicians within the UK.

We offer electromagnetic scanning preformed in real-time for magnetic, harmonic and electrical radiation levels, covering all equipment and employee operations. We provide "facility tailored" EMF analysis at a fraction of the financial outlay of industry competitors, while covering all EMF requirements and legislation.

Our service provides EMF reports which include "multi-layered electronic witness" of all the values in place, providing your company with mathematical proof of the facilities frequency strengths throughout the workplace. Ultimately providing transferable protection against EMF litigation.

Our clients may decide upon preliminary EMF analysis techniques, performed within a single day, throughout the entire employee environment. We also offer harmonic scanning of a specific nature, to cover liability for medical issues such as ICD regulations (pacemaker implants). Our wearable ICD data-logger harness is unique to EMF Compliance Ltd. Your company would receive electronic proof in the form of multiple-frequency data-charts – listing the EMF levels actually received by the individuals ICD implant. This provides protection for your employee and the business itself. 

EMF Directive 2013/35/EU analysis is now a mandatory requirement but often constitutes a significant investments in time and expense that "may-not" be formally required. To understand the benefits of different assessments types, or for clarification of your company's formal requirements to the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU, call 01625 536698 to speak with one of our team.